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Home Page Image CHERYL GIBALLA, founder
PMA Certified Second Generation Master Pilates Teacher and Yamuna Body Rolling® Practitioner

PMA Certification

Cheryl is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, the PhysicalMind Institute of NYC in "The Method" Pilates, as well as, Yamuna Body Rolling® . In 2010 she completed a two-year, 200-hour Master Mentor program with Lolita San Miguel who was certified by Joseph Pilates, making Cheryl a second generation teacher.

She has suffered from years of low back pain due to a rollover car accident at the age of seventeen. Despite the help of doctors, chiropractors, accupuncturists and various excercise programs only temporary relief was acheived. Since practicing Pilates she has been pain-free and enjoyed an improved quality of life uncommon for someone with spinal stenosis, degenerated disks and a partially fused spine. Pilates has allowed her to participate in any activity she desires without fear of pain.

Holly Bozzelli, Romana Certified Instructor
Holly graduated from the University of the Arts with a degree in dance in 1988. After years of performing and teaching dance, Holly opened her own dance studio in 1996. While on vacation Holly discovered a Pilates studio. After only one session she was hooked. She knew she had discovered the perfect method of exercise.

Holly moved to New York City and enrolled in a 600 hour apprenticeship with Romana Kryzanowska, protege of Joseph Pilates making Holly a "second generation" teacher continuing to teach Joe's "original" work as he intended it. Despite many obstacles, she completed her certification in 1998 and since then has continued teaching Pilates in her own studio in Absecon, NJ. Holly continues her education both domestically and as far away as San Paulo, Brazil.

Jennifer Bergh, instructor
Jennifer has been a fully certified Pilates instructor since 2002. She trained with Beth Downey, owner of Body Precision in Rosemont, PA. Jennifer began her Pilates career in 1999 with a PhysicalMind Institute certificate, after previously teaching aerobics for ten years and being a competitive gymnast. She has continued to study with master Pilates teachers including Rachel and Amy Taylor and Cara Reeser. She is currently teaching full-time at Main Line Pilates and Yoga in Paoli, PA, and continues to learn about the body through various body workers, methods, and classes.

Renee Michael, instructor
Renee is certified by Power Pilates in both mat and equipment utilizing the Classical Pilates method of Joseph Pilates. After years of dealing with Crohn's disease and undergoing 14 abdominal surgeries, a friend suggested she try Pilates as a way to rebuild her core strength. She was a believer after the first class! Several years later, Renee was certified in Mat Pilates in Jan 2010 and started her own business, Core-ner Pilates, LLC, in Marlton, NJ. She continued her education in Jan 2012 by enrolling in a 500 hour apprenticeship program for equipment with Power Pilates in NYC. Renee is also certified in CoreAlign, Zumba, and ZumbAtomic.

Home Page Image Valerie Grant, posture coach

PMA Certification
Since 1989, fitness professional Valerie Grant has coached athletes and dancers to improve performance, increase skill level, and reduce repetitive injuries. As a competitive golfer, Valerie understands the first and foremost need of successful athletes: to keep their bodies strong. Her certifications include yoga, well as Pilates (PMA) and she has currently completed her 4 year-Feldenkrais certification. With an eye for precision, her movement techniques are a blend of her extensive certifications in fitness, with a specialty in Pilates, yoga, and Feldenkrais. Valerie presents continuing education programs at national fitness conferences and certifies individuals in CPR for the American Red Cross. She has managed fitness programs and trained trainers at various Philadelphia fitness facilities. Valerie lives Devon area with her husband, Steve. They have two grown sons Ian, a college student and Drew, a professional dancer with the Los Angeles Ballet.

Melissa Musser, instructor
Melissa is a licensed and practicing Physical Therapist of 16 years working with patients of all ages and varying diagnosis. Melissa has a special interest in body mechanics and found training the body to move in the right way assisted clients to meet goals. After 8 years of PT practice, Melissa initiated Pilates training at Physical Mind Institute and has found Pilates to be the most effective and safest way to strengthen the core for optimal full body health. Melissa is currently in training to become a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher utilizing all Pilates Equipment.

Michelle Craven, instructor
As a teenager Michelle sustained spinal fractures in a riding accident.  As she aged, all that scar tissue was turning into arthritis and other problems.  She started doing Pilates - loved it right from the start and became a fully certified instructor.

Michele is a walking advert for The Pilates Method, because without it she would be in chronic pain, unable to have an active life. She has been training at Cheryl’s studio since 2004. Summer of 2009 is her second season teaching at Mindbody Pilates.

Lori Garrison, instructor
Lori has been a fully certified Pilates instructor since 2006. She trained with teacher trainer Brett Howard at the Pilates Studio of New York. Lori is classically trained, completing over 600 hours of training and testing at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels on all apparatus and mat. She has attended seminars with legendary Pilates Elders Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel. Those who are proficient enough to go deep into their body to enjoy the Classical sequence of Joe's exercises will love her classes. Lori began practicing Pilates in 1998 at Tambussi Studio in Westmont, New Jersey where she teaches part time. She has been training at Mindbody Pilates since 2007 and has been working there since 2012.


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